AIAA volunteers in leadership roles are required to review and complete a volunteer leader agreement that outlines Institute governance policies, goals, and best practices. As a representative of a committee and/or community, you also are serving as an advocate for the Institute. By completing this agreement and acknowledging the referenced documents, our volunteers confirm that they are aware and informed of the Institute’s policies and practices and will act in alignment with them. The documents are written to provide overall guidance and direction to members and others that are engaged in AIAA activities.

Complete this volunteer agreement form to acknowledge these policies, and to ensure compliance with Institute operations. All policies can be found on the AIAA website. You may receive follow-up communications related to this form, or as part of volunteering for a leadership role. Your information will not be used to collect, process, review, or transfer any personal data for marketing purposes or shared with third parties.

Provide the following information as listed on your membership record.